[Adaptation] 7th Avenue, for you, wherever you may be.

by ty

Its shocking isn’t it? How I am able to send letters to you. I’m unsure if you’ll ever receive or read this, but this is for you.

I’m sorry for the way I left you all.  I remember how i promised together, we would completely fight the illness, till it disappeared.  Yes i gave u a promise i would stay for you all however ultimately i would still leave..I mean I was not young anymore. I cannot possibly stay on this earth with you every single day for your life. As much as I would like to be immortal, I know rather well that its impossible…maybe it was my heart that lied to you however i knew it was the time to leave.

I do miss you too, honestly.

Yes. Sweet is the past, but bitter is the reality. I’m gone now. And its best for you to let go, to move on, forget me. Live life as though i’m now simply just somewhere better, somewhere without pain, somewhere free from earthly worries. Somewhere where i can be totally free, happy and enjoy my days.

I do remember the stories I used to tell you. I remember how you always told me that my fight against the cancer was something you would look up to me for. Right now, I lost that fight. I gave up halfway through. I didn’t keep my promise. I’d be honest to tell you that I tried, to fight it. With every single ounce of strength i had back then in my body. However, I can say what I had was simply not enough. Yes, i trusted the medical assistance I was getting but well, you know this saying? “When its time to go, you have to go. There’s nothing you can do.” It was probably destined to be like that.

I knew I had reached an incurable stage of cancer and that the malignant cells having taking reign over several essential organs, yes I clung on to the hope that the doctors would find a cure, and everything would return back to normal. I tried my best. I fought against it. I did not want to resign myself to fate. I did not want to leave you. I did not want to leave your ma. I never wanted to leave anyone. If I did make you strong, I smile and wonder. I was not that strong back then…How did I do that? I had faith in the doctors. I trusted that they would do everything in their means to help me, to give your Ma and uncle advice. I believed that I would probably get well after some time. But I do not complain about how i had to leave. Like i said, it was simply a matter of time. Now, I’m free from the pain. And well I’m much happier so please don’t worry about me..and please tell your Ma, that I’m alright. Tell her to live her life happily and stop worrying or feeling guilty. It was beyond her control.

So well. I’ve moved on. But I’ll be watching over all of you. Stay strong, and move on.

Take care.

“He liked to light matches in the dark and blow them out, just to remind himself of how fragile life is.”