dandelions and sheeps and beauty stuff lmao

by ty

ohkay here’s my uh happy story lmao ok it has flowers and sheeps and beauty stuff ok so yesh its supposed to be for uh le strawberry swiss roll ya eh enjoy ah and remember my penguin ok ya bye

He lay on the same wooden bench in the tools shed staring through the hole in the ceiling. He meant to patch it up long ago yet he was not ready; Patching up ceilings, repairing old furniture, this had been his job, the very job he carried on for close to half his life, yet every job done left a mark behind in his empty heart.

Loneliness had been his best friend, afterall living in a countryside meant little communication didn’t it? Perhaps it had been just him, yet his passion for his job filled the gaping hole in his heart. He had enough of society, he had enough of lies, he had enough of people and their fetish for having masks on 24/7. Above all, he had enough of being used by people, of being hurt by people. These were excuses perhaps, simply little white lies he whispered to himself during humid days like these lying in this shed holding his hand up to the ceiling, watching as the sunlight seemingly engulfed his hand’s rough outline. He’d cover his eyes and ponder about everything that happened through his life, ending his simple reflections with a pat on his forehead. Ruffling his fur-like brown hair, he’d sigh as he got up from the bench with a sigh. As his feet padded on the dusty wooden ground he would smile. It had been a new beginning, a new start; he felt fresh.

Trudging wearily to the box of tools lying on the ground in the other corner of the room he would rub his eyes wearily as he picked up the new job he had. This time it had been a little box. He chuckled as he wondered why anyone would actually spend money to mend such a useless box; it had been small, even smaller than his scratchy hands. Its pale hue of pink had long faded as the minute amount of paint peeled slowly from the corners which had been worn off. Yet opening it revealed a completely different feeling. Indeed, it had been simple, it had been old, yet it revealed a beautiful pearl in it. Had the owner forgotten about this precious little being? This unique contraption yet held a deeper meaning hadn’t it? He poured the little pearl into his hand as he felt its smooth finishings. Alas, he found the flaw; the mini hinges that adorned the worn box had broken.

“Poor little thing, you injured eh?”he muttered as he picked up his screwdriver and got started with the hinge. Yet this little thing he received in the middle of summer seemed more than just a box. It had been a different story, a different thought towards society. It had been positive, it had been fresh. Perhaps it was there to tell him about the beauty of reality he never saw. Perhaps it had come to him coincidentally to show him that people weren’t that bad. Perhaps it was time for him to step out of his bubble of solitude.

Just as beautiful as that pearl, indeed a heart could shine as brightly. Hidden behind an upfront wall of disinterest, a stranger he bumped into on a street could have been a friend to him. Intimidating is a word rather accurate in describing how he saw people, especially in the city where they would shuffle past him quickly like ants would, frowning in the morning sun. It had been these cold expressions that led him to wonder if his warm disposition had been a mistake. Pretty soon he forgot what being human felt, he forgot what smiling meant, he forgot what his heart was for.

Spending day and night mending old and spoilt items had been the key – every single thing that lay in his box of belongings were unique, each telling a different story. Some could have been heartwarming, others sad or simply dark. People were no different, despite the usual frown or stern eyes, they each hid a different story behind their shields. Yet for the past decades, all he saw was the superficial detachment.

Today would be different. He shoved the delicate box into his baggy trousers pocket as he got up from his wooden stool. He took a deep breath as he walked gingerly to the doors as he pushed them open in one quick motion, allowing the sunlight to caress him freely. His bare feet squirmed to the warm touch of grass as he walked slowly across the field to the fences he saw in a distance. Tilting his head, he watched the animals move about slowly as he thought about their feelings. Were they happy, or sad? How could we tell? He would never know the answers to those questions yet unknowingly he reached his hand out towards a lone sheep who stayed away from the rest of the sheep, grazing in a small plot of land. It cowered away at his imminent touch, yet within minutes he gained its trust as it continued chewing on its grass.

“He’s just like me eh, different but still warm.”

Lying on the field, he turned to see the beautiful flowers growing peacefully beside him. They were beautiful, yet they stood with such strength in the intense sunlight. They moved in synchronization with the wind as they danced beautifully. Running his fingers over the grass, he reached out for the little dandelion staring back at him blankly.

With a blow the tiny parachutes set flight in the wind as they flew, carefree. They had been given a new start, a new chance. Perhaps it was time for his. Grabbing the piece of paper on the table adorned with scrawny handwriting of an address, he picked up his keys and shoes and left for the car.

“It’s time I start anew, ain’t it?”


-i don’t care how you see this but its a happy one-