chocolatecatfish’s birthday!!!!!! squeals

by ty

ehe so today is little chocolate cat fish dongsaeng’s birthday!! though little doesn’t really seem to be a good word because she’s so tall cries and she really is like a a older sister to me so well pardon my terrible use of words hAAHAH okay let’s change it to uhm its its the great tall and awesome and and motherly LOL chocolate cat fish dongsaeng’s birthday! i shan’t reveal the age heh but i think if you’re reading this you probably should know because well well idk ahha oh well let’s skip this whole bunch of crap and get to the point~

so so dongsaeng ah its your awesome birthday today!! screams and throws rainbow coloured confetti all over you and and dunks your head into a giant cake with a blue coloured ship sailing in the great winds of the ocean! (please don’t kill me) not to mention there’s a little tiny scrunch of chocolate on the far bottom right edge of the cake (if you look closely its fur!! hint hint furry mammoths *hint hint* okay my shipping is taking over the reigns of my head ahhhh alright i’m sorry) but back to the point hey enjoy your cake. LOL i didn’t make you one so imagine it in your head and you can slap me in your head all you want because of the ship references but well don’t slap me in rl i’ll cry right there and keep squishing your arm ;)

but then let’s get to the seriousness!!! stay awesome and and thanks alot for this close to two years of awesomeness being this little no large great pillar of support really that i thought i’d be able to cling on to forever until you decide that you want to find and have fun with some good 桃花运 wat i don’t even hha but well thanks alot for everything ;u; i think last year was terribly rocky and and well towards the end of last year i’d admit ok your sarcasm scared me very much and so until now i’m like oh no dongsaeng is actually a teebit scary and i feel like obliged to ask for your uh your 批准 whenever the time comes so actually its a good thing so i don’t do anything stupid because hey you’re like like like more 清醒all the time so :) thanks alot!!! it helps alot to have you around really, with like idk exchanging thoughts on writing or just being spazzy or stupid in the morning or stacking things on your head when you fall asleep during chinese lesson only to find out that you were actually awake but acting like you were sleeping and the funniest jokes aboutyou sleeping while standing and hey why do you like sleeping haha what nvermind~ hope you get all the sleep you need once the exams are over and take a good break!! :)

woosh we both took lit so there’s a great possibility we’ll be in the same class next year i hope, and hopefully that’ll happen because if it does i swear i’ll stick to you like super glue because lubs so bear with me by then!! and and keep writing and i’ll rant about how you can write and i wobble in a corner with writers block and you can continue to interrogate and keep an eye on me for as long as it pleases you hehe~ because its a good thing~ and it helps me~ actually i’d like you to do that so so idk as long as you wouldn’t mind hehe~ 大姐姐~

don’t ever say you don’t have any attractiveness because you do ; just saying

and and your arm is a squishy nice pillow so keep it that way hehe please don’t get too buff and lose the the the squishiness because its what makes your arm dongsaeng’s arm!! ^^ hehehe what am i even.

i’m sorry the present isn’t much, and the card isn’t either; you see idk i tried to write this dedication essay on a card for you but my handwriting just wow wrecks it all so i’ll post it here so read okay!!!! the present isn’t much i’m really really sorry >< but i'll make it up to you along the way i promise~ hehe~ hope you like it hm use it to write more i suppose; its nice to write on i have one i know ;D so go on and write all the fluff and romance!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheheheheheheehhehehh

evil laughter i'm actually hopig no actually no i shan't continue because its getting long and naggy

stay healthy and stop growing taller okay!! hehe~ here's to the best dongsaeng ever ahh happy birthday!!!! /old old ehhehehehe/ ;) 祝你这个性感有魅力;又很有力;很独特的美女生日快乐~ \(⌒▽⌒)/

oh right i'm going to write something for you once i settle the plot so ehehheheehehehehehheheheh