by ty

written based on a little prompt of white, tshirt and blue mug // pins added on my own because fun; for the one who gave me the prompt (bows uncertainly in apologies because it might not be good enough but enjoy and pardon the cheesy ending and and and i don’t uh don’t judge huehue)

prompt : white, tshirt, pins, blue mug

If I were a note fluttering

in the slight breezes hustling through the ajar windows

he would be the translucent pin that kept me


amongst the sea of supple fibre;

a lone cork board disrupting the white hue of the walls


no frills,

a gentle feeling of endearment –

plain as the scent of finest arabica,

warm as the tepid touch of a

sapphire blue mug within

slightly trembling hands;

a lonesome soul saved from a labyrinth perchance –

not quite but close.

before –

being was akin to a pristine t-shirt donned with

dull purple,


hackneyed shadows upon prospects.

existence had been close to a bore,

a lost boat bobbing aimlessly in the vast

extend of the murky waters

awaiting perhaps


in the wake of a silent dawn –

i recalled nothing but

the shade of your eyes,

the first string of words you spoke

your dulcet tones echoing in the dim

rifts of my

eardrums for that day I

found solace in your words.