one way // leave

by ty

prompt : rain, glass windows, tea.

written while listening to – one way love // hyorin, my lady // exo and now // troublemaker so maybe there’ll be some traces idk

minute cup of
red date tea
in the cold of the winter day;
warm x cold –
do you love me.

listen to the rain my
dear their
fervent whispers amongst their
escapades towards the
rough gravel that pieces the town together –
are we broken.

perhaps have a look at the neon city
out of the blurred window;
its yellowing glass
cracking up in the right corners;
its a matter of time;
tomorrow –

art of letting go you say,
hypocrisy of your words for your
manner, finesse –
illuminating the empty shells of my
hefty heart
heavier in my wrinkled palms;