evening sky

by ty

(written to ailee’s evening sky and noel’s things that i couldn’t say – two songs that are pretty but sad but)


Blue bruised skies weighed her

down as much as an anchor

held a buoyant boat restricted within the

radius of a mere breath.


Aimlessly wandering through

the flashing lights, the neon lights,

the dim corridors in search for perhaps

a little greedy desire which went by the name of

the sense of direction;


But she wasn’t going anywhere forward,

neither was she moving backwards for she

walked in circles, her head dizzy and her vision blurred as she

leant against the pillar, her shoulders slouched into a

curve while she looked up against the

sun in its splendor.



The red umbrella above her head cast

rose shades on the grey tiles as she

chased the blotches materializing yet

vanishing with the slightest notion of interest as

she would stop in her tracks once in awhile;


A flutter of scarlet chiffon

complemented with the wavering scent of cinnamon in

the grey afternoon as the bottom of her soles remained

damp while her bare elbows though

bruised with the traces of yellow and purple,

remained warm within the embrace of grey fibre

as his palm and her elbow stayed separated

by the thin layer of cloth as

within a split second she enjoyed the warmth in the slight

salvation, (perhaps too exaggerated a word)


Nonetheless below the belting of the flickering

fluorescent light above her drenched head,

she watched the figure weave his way through the endless


his frame standing out especially to her




“shh. ”

She stopped her bicycle right before she ran

over a little bump in the ground, the

little jumping particles awaiting freedom just like

she wished to find her unleashed freedom under the comfort

of a velvety orange sky.