by ty


She clenched her fists tightly,

the paper groaning in agony within the grasp of her

thin fingers as she looked into her company’s

eyes, her hazel against his deep brown as she

hesitated, her breath their hanging



“If I asked to backtrack a little,

take things down a notch, an odd yet comfortable

decision; would you agree?” –  a subtle attempt had been made,

and her eyes gave her yearn away as he stared back at her,

emotionless, still and quiet.


“If it would help you feel better.” – he replied, his fists clenched equally,

as he spoke with strength and confidence, a facade she saw through easily.

He was reluctant, and tired.



Her feet shuffled against each other as they

swiped past each other while she left them dangling off the

table in the corner as she leant against the pillar,

limp and exhausted.


His hunched frame stood tiles away from her,

his hair a mess as they fell over his

once clear and distinct features – a disastrous picture.

His eyes had grown swollen from the tears,

his arms sore from the bruises,

his heart punctured by her thorns.


“How have you been?” – It had been ages since she heard

the clarity she used to find solace in, which his

deep yet smooth voice had to offer.

Yet the coldness hadn’t left, and he was

hostile and keeping his safe




“I’m sorry but am I still, significant?”

Oh too greedy was she, her muddled head a mess,

reflected through her dishevelled brown hair blowing

freely in the wind from the weak dusty fan in the middle of the

ceiling, her thoughts whirling along to its rhythmic



“Yeah.” He spat.

The hostility present overruled his reply,

the piercing stiffness bore through her skin,

his hunched frame harrowing her soul.


“Will my idiocy be granted a second chance?”

She played with the hill of eraser dust lying in its

grey comfort zone of a untouched corner, her fingers disrupting

peace once again like her intrusion had to his life.


“Well. Perhaps.”

Her fingers slipped at the curt reply, sending

a spout of eraser dust falling into the distant ground, the once neat hill

a calamitous embodiment of what her slip of emotions

inflicted on his innocent bare skin.



She taunted, a little attempt to attain the security she had longed for;

Her hiatus from his eyes was a futile venture to search for

the quietness she had missed,

the security she required from suffering from chronic secrets,

and the slow-paced laziness she had originally been.


“Yeah. I’d wait for you, honestly.” He looked up at her, his gaze



She slumped against the wall, her energy drained for her trial had both

ends exhausted in exchange for

temporary solace,

a short rest from their endless conundrums,

and a restless, uncomfortable silence she had grown afraid of.


She was tired and scared of the concoction their prescences made,

she was perhaps unnerved by the sudden stumble of a clueless soul when she felt at peace,

beside him.


She was perhaps uncertain, and required time off; but she was sure

that no matter how far she ran,

their strings remained taut

and she would be reeled back in by his

warm utterance,

prized existence and

fleecy embrace.


AN: subtle meanings once again. there.bhahahahahahaha