full moon.

by ty

团圆 (reunion)

There was no need for words;

no obligation to don the beautifully

awkward circle of blind

souls with fake empty speeches

for their eyes were covered

by trembling hands,

their spirits



 虚拟 (surreal)

“Everything around us so so real” –

Sights surreal,

visions pure idiocy in the

velvety brown eyes of innocence

tinted as the robust arms of a clock makes

its turn around the smooth

surface, in glee.


幻觉 (illusion)

Behind his smile was a hidden dagger,

the cliché old reminders

blurted out between fervent

breaths in the morning air before

a worrisome adult set her child

free to roam,

subjected to humanly woes,

exposed to cruelty though



AN: lol what. written while listening to sunmi’s full moon!!!! another productive day because churned 3 poems. woot woot. noot noot. Somehow or rather my writing is being controlled by whether I listen to the right songs

and given i’m moody it helps.