by ty

(written while listening to akmu’s 200% omg the song is toooo cute to resist)


1-4-3 feels simple:


Like a blueberry lost

amidst the seas of pink tinted yoghurt

kept in the tight embrace of a glass cup;

fragile yet strong.


Like a cloud floating

leisurely above the cheery green pastures

as the height left a tint of fear,

overcome by the whispers from the


Like a paper crane kept

afloat by the taut arms of a thin string

holding on with the strength of a tightly

tied knot; the closest you’d feel

to empyrean happiness.


Like a lone soul falling

into a masquerade amongst

the mystique of celestial gems as the trek

rang wind chimes in your porch.


Like a composition of the

sweetest harmonies recorded below

the beautiful cherry blossoms

to be delivered with the inevitable

blush of cheeks and an

anxiously thumping heart.


“It must be love; 200% sure of that.”