by ty

A treasured camaraderie,

their years of friendship proved decrepit

before the external boundaries,

a ploy to lacerate their bonds,

their skin –

a poor coverage for shameless pride.


They were indeed from different worlds,

two ends of the coloured spectrum –

yet the solace they found in each other

was unique, and specific.


Deadly concoctions of spite and anger as

she left the country –

leaving him wishing he was stronger because of her.


A patched up quilt of nothing but lifeless days

burn before his eyes;

its flames as fierce as those that engulfed the car –

those that landed him in solitude,

without a single kin.


The amber flames remained,

burning indefinitely in his own hazel eyes.


Ice cold waves drench her in regret as she sees

him in her own black eyes.


In the mere distance between them,

his hatred mingled with her regret,

ending in piercing silence along with

his glares.


She recalled a few thousand days back –

she too wished she was stronger

because of him.


AN: its been so longggggggggg since i came back here omg sorry