by ty

written inspired by the mythology about sirens because of euphxria rp again!! omg these guys giving me inspiration- kaei the poet lmao but anyway


beauty : to kill : to lure : to dispose.  voices. dulcet. birds. fly. free.


She ran her fingers over

the sharp thorns of

wilted roses;

maroon tinted chiffon,

fresh blood.


Beneath the evening sky she lay,

the texture of rocks beneath her

bare back;

remembering the man

thousands sought after –

she wants him,

his life.


Feminine chuckles reside

in the darkest corners of her mind;

how the commoners chuckled at

her idiocy – but they were nothing,


If she wanted his life,

the hackneyed use of glimmering daggers were

replaced by the mellow panache of her


The disgrace he had entailed upon her

things she’d never forget.


And if she had his life in her hands,

she swore to never

exonerate him from the labyrinth;


Her lullaby, the final cadences of his petty existence.