by ty

too many blemishes; their presence forming permanent scars.

“the rose burns, and it derides the demise of endearment.”

Sometimes I really wonder why I’m kind of oddly useless when it comes to sports – and then I wonder why there’s no incentive for me to try to improve orz. Its not like I’m particularly interested in it- its just like throwing a random person who enjoys such generic sports into the dance room when he has no interest and watching him flail like a chicken being tortured. It just so happens that oh god these games and sports are an entire pe thing, a subject; and not things like dance. Because people say you get fitter through such games. People have a stereotype (not all) of dance being easy and sports being much much harder – well try some hip hop won’t you, try needing to control every inch of your pathetic body when you try not to look too stiff or too weak on stage. Try thinking of a proper facial expression that fits with the song. Try thinking of how to be both fluid and solid at once; try thinking of how to feel the correct beats. Try thinking of how to not embarrass yourself. Its the same thing everywhere I guess, equally you need to care about working hard for your team when you do sports but the aesthetics aren’t there; in my own opinion.

Too used to people asking why I’m so inactive. Why I’m so lazy to go chasing after a ball in the court. Why I’m just walking about on court. Then I’d dump you in the dance room and see what you’ll do, sit at the side because you’ve got no interest? Or are you intimidated? I just personally don’t see the point and that’s how its going to stay like this for now unless I really feel something I’m hyped up for. Equally much if you give me a dance room I’d waste no time there – people who’ve been with me know it. As much as you like sweating out on the field I like doing things in the dance room – what’s the difference? Don’t sit there and give me your glares or stares as if you’re superior because its two completely different things odg.

Pathetic tbh saying people are weak when they aren’t even interested in doing the things you dump on them – then again I guess everyone has their right to be proud about things they’re good at – and that makes them judge and laugh at you for not doing well in. Gives me the right to mock you when you flail again. Doesn’t it. Go ahead and mock all you want and I’ll wait for my turn to come.