pure blue.

by ty


the soft melodic sounds of the flapping of wings,

every inch of distance you added between us –

you clambered skywards,

your head tilted up towards the blue hues,

a glimmer in your once

dark pupils.

you were always this carefree,

a blotch of pastel amongst the darkest skies,

a soft melody in the crevices of an abandoned

concert hall,

a flickering candle in the


we both held onto the blades of companionship,

thin sheets of metal fusing with the maroon shades

as you winced slightly –

and eventually you let go.

we’re simply seventy-percent water,

feelings and mushy bits making up for the rest of our

temporary presence –

perhaps your absence taught me that you could

trample over me in any aspect –

your self-regulation was your strength,

the ability to wrap your emotions up with the finest of


and perhaps on a bad day

I might become a temporary shelter

which would cease to exist

once your thunderstorms were replaced by

chilly peach hues.

AN. forced to place – after every stanza because wordpress hates my spacings.