two six one zero.

by ty

makes dying whale sounds and fangirling sounds.

i’m kidding, but hey happy birthday gnomedae or gnomebutt, or perhaps just dongsaeng. its quite interesting thinking back and going like wow, i’ve known this crazy woman for close to three years – and over the past three years i noticed that we had a whole fair share of stupid memories and stuff where we’ll probably keep laughing about whenever we think back about how stupid we once were. but that aside, its your birthday and you’re officially fifteen even though you once said you never wanted to reach this age – we all want to stay twelve so. so there, happy birthday. you’ll get your present late, i apologise for that but i’m not rushing to your home or asking you to come to school or anything just so that i can give you your present and well, the present is not much but i hope it suffices for now because i promise to get you something better next year. and of course, good luck for the rest of the upcoming exams next week. in a flash it’ll be gone and we can high over fanfictions, and perhaps clear our list of requests on our review shop.

for my birthday post you listed a bunch of stupid memories we had, and i’m really tempted to do the same so i’ll probably go ahead with it instead of being the naggy old woman i am and spouting nonsense about how much you’re a precious snowflake and how your bad mood can be so magically killed off with a nice long sleep on the table which often ends with your writings on the table being smudged, let’s not mention how it gets smudged.

1. we once idk, were stupid judgmental kids in year one. not saying we aren’t judgmental anymore. winks.

2. um in year two we both got high over writing and green tea like little kids finding ladybugs in the school field and spazzed over each other’s writing. i think. if my writing was even spazz worthy, i mean yours was.

3. in year one you used to be like a second parent to me and guided me through things even though i eventually still made the stupidest mistakes over the course of the year (i still do make these mistakes and you still attempt to guide me like like asking me to sleep more and all)

4. in year one we used to like the fish pond alot and we went there constantly to spazz over the fishes and turtles. last year we went again, and studied chemistry. or was it this year semester one. and we recently went, and noticed that all of the turtles were gone.

5. we spent stupid times in lit together. nuff said.

6. being desk mates for like a year now, and we were too in year one – i found out that waking you up is more difficult than waking myself up in the morning (or should i say making myself sleep at night)

7. like a certain teacher said, i must agree you look creepy when you’re all expressionless because its like you’re going to kill me with your scary aura. shudders, oppa.

8. you’re still a very precious snowflake because beneath that facade you’re a very stupid person who likes chen and tao, strawberry pocky, poetry, coffee and catfishes and orange.

9. you’re a precious friend i mean wait i was supposed to talk about memories. anyway.

10. being deskmates with t. nuff said too.

11. making you learn wolf- i hope you still remember the steps i’m.

12. you’re very old. bahahha. i mean, old dongsaeng.

13. spazzing over exo when the first day of term 4 started when you brought the albums i’m just.

14. being stupid on euphxria together before it died.

15. being special members in a very screwed up roleplay.

16. in a debate, if you’re losing just go ahead and say “gurl, or bitch, i’ve got better points than you do and i’ll be more beautiful than you ever will with those skills of yours and hence, yehet. i’m so fabulous and you’re not. kkaebsong.”

17. being stupid and high on fl, making edits like gnomedae and the crack exo edits.

18. playing asphalt with our class, being weird people.

19. smut lemons, says it in yk’s voice.

20. laughing at tk and gc together. i mean how is this not a memorable thing.

21. “this dude really looks like a goat. so cute” zx added to us makes baka trio

22. this might make me sound ghei, but hugs.

enough of my lack of literacy, i’m going to be serious from here on because i’ve got things to say, and its currently close to 1am which means that my post is an hour late already and i’m currently typing at a speed which will probably end with my keyboard giving up on me. (whispers i updated my computer to yosemite and its so pretty, my writing feels are back. and i’ve rekindled my love for jongin because of airport photos. but i still love ikon. more. i mean, coughs.)

I just wanted to say that well, this semester hasn’t been the best and several of us fell into our own little empty dark spaces in the crevices of our sanity and some of us lost it along the way, flaring up and having dramatic things. I mean looking back, at the beginning of the year we had a whole lot of friction didn’t we? With all the misunderstandings and all, but eventually I guess we settled it all smoothly and we ended up spazzing as a huge group of four. It’s great being around all of you, and i’d say more but its your birthday so, focuses on you. You’ve been a huge pillar of support since year one and I still don’t understand how we got this close because I still remember like the first day of school or matriculation or something when we were first allocated to our classes and all and I saw you there with j while I sank into silence next to two happy and well, high others and I thought well damn, I’m going to shut up for the rest of the year because I guess it was clear that those two were full of yellow sunshine, and distasteful shades of saturated pink. And eventually somehow or rather, your coldness hit first and I got a little befuddled but that got replaced by your plain adorable stupidity and your mean little comments which eventually made us become two stupid idiots sitting in the corner of the class where the teacher would often glance over and be like, why are you sleeping do i suck that much (whispers, yes teacher). Somehow or rather, we’ve become such close friends haha i’m so amused i cannot even b ye i mean

i mean

thank you very much! and i’m still looking forward to (maybe) hostel if i don’t abandon you : – ) and well, good luck once again for the final year examinations for year three and we’ll look forward to a better year four! even though it’ll be stress and assignment packed we’ll somehow get through it with happy fluff because of fanfictions, and if you return to fl we can be stupid together again online. and look forward, i mean don’t look forward to my lousy present which will somehow serve to be enough for that period of time haha, i’ll try to get you something with more relation to a panda next year.

once again! happy birthday :      ^         )