by ty

inspired by senpai’s works! whispers, senpai is # 3cool5me

don’t fall in love with the girl who finds solace in dusty corners, her forearms sheltered from the stings of strangers’ eyes by thin sheets of grey cotton.

don’t fall in love with the manner in which her pearl black tresses falls over her eyes, shielding the hazel hues reminding you of a summer’s day and hot cocoa – an odd pair.

don’t fall in love with the things she leaves in her notebook, the messages left to anonymous souls at dawn, the heavy strokes over the sheets of fibre tied together by the strong forces of attraction as thick black lines penetrated its surface with vigour – the words beneath left as a conundrum.

write letters for her, and she’d run her calloused fingers over the words repeatedly until the ink smudges like the faint eyeliner beneath her eyes.

hold her hand, and she’ll remember every angle she had in each of her fingers.

sit beside her, regardless of the weather because she’d enjoy watching droplets fall into puddles on the ground before the both of you as your gentle embrace keeps her in contact with the ground, even though her thoughts are up amongst the clouds; she’d love to watch the leaves on the tree along the road brush against each other with each wave of wind as she squinted against the sunlight, admiring the reflections off the jade-like surfaces.

but don’t fall in love with the girl who never gets rid of bitterness as she curled her lips into a dim smile because she’ll never be satisfied – finding distaste in yellow hues and annoyance in bland monochrome.

and don’t buy her flowers, because she’d spend days wondering about what she did wrong to cause it to lose its vibrance as it wilters in her favourite pastel pink vase.

/ jyt.