by ty

For as long as he could remember, she loved bubbles. She loved the little bits of excitement that arose from watching these temporary entities form through blowing on semi-liquid substances through a plastic bubble-blower. She loved watching them float slowly amongst the soft dapples of sunlight against the vast fields of pastel green as she sat down leaning agains the older boy’s knee. She loved spending afternoons with him, sitting in a silent yet shared camaraderie, because as much as the boy would reach upwards with his toned arms to put an end to the lives of these floating entities, she knew that he wouldn’t harm her, because flowers would never wither if they were in a bijou radius around him, they never did.

And for as long as he could remember, he found her noisy. She was like a firecracker, or rather a long strand of small firecrackers, which would be lit in the morning when her fingers and toes curled below the sheets as a small frown made its appearance on her forehead. She was like an alarm of some sort, and as much as it annoyed him at times, he couldn’t get enough of her nonsense.

“I’d like to call that bubble you, and that other one,” She squrims over to lie down beside him before pointing towards her right, “Me.”

“They’re pretty far apart though, which typically isn’t the case given that you’re always around.” He raises an eyebrow as the girl turns to face him, lying on her side and blinking at him quietly.

“Precisely because they care for each other, their bubbles must be kept at a distance.” She brings the bubble-blower close to her lips before they part slightly to give the liquid a slight blow.

The boy smirks slightly, he knew that she had a thing for bubbles – she grew up with the mindset that people were born wrapped in a jelly coat, or a bubble of some sort and this served as protection, a boundary which others could not cross.

“Proximity gives clarity to blemishes, likened to blades against skin resulting in stinging wounds.” And he understood this perfectly, just as much as her toes dug into the soil amongst the soft breeze of the afternoon.