The ways we say goodbye.

by ty

Sky Full Of Stars

Originally written for Calliope #2.

The ways we say goodbye.

Titled after the article that inspired me by Koty Neelis’s on Thought Catalogue , “ The ways we say goodbye”


My dream of many years to travel to Japan manifested recently in an exchange trip to Osaka via our school. Even now an Exchange programme seems to do no justice to the zephyr-like memories still heavily etched into my heart – I think Odyssey would seem more befitting. I originally intended to write on a travel log for this issue, but later decided against it as it would feel more of an austere recount.
So I wanted to talk more about a singular aspect of the trip that was amplified as I came back home – Goodbyes.

If I were to describe the entire trip in a single phrase, I think

“A soothing melody of wishing stars, a heavy…

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