dangerous chickens round three.

by ty

today’s performance was our third stage together and in some sense, i wished we’d have more to come. as much as i might have said it over the past eight hours, i really appreciate working with you guys, and i’ll really miss training hard with you guys and pushing ourselves past our own limits with every practice session. it’s really miniscule, we don’t fill our practice sessions with pt or drilling everything without resting but without knowing it, i really gained so much – things ranging from how to interact with people, how to work as a team, how to handle sudden problems or changes and how to actually improve myself.

i remember that after talent search, in the aftermath of the crazy adrenaline, i filled a padlet page with messages for you guys and rambled on like there was no tomorrow – and as much as i’m tempted to do so today, my wrist is a little too tired for that so i’ll keep it short. i really appreciate, and am really thankful for us even starting out as dangerous chickens, given that in the beginning really it was just a coincidental meeting with dayna in the toilet in the morning and we said hey let’s have a go. and we came this far, and i’m so proud of all of us? especially when we realized that we actually improved unknowingly and became so synchronized yesterday and we got all worried that we might lose it today :’-)

thank you as well, for putting up with my abrasive attitude – working with you guys really differed from working with dance club, or working with a single partner. it really set me going that we were a team and that at times some alternatives were really better than others and that really, the main key is to stay optimistic and as cheesy as this may sound, have the entire drive and faith that it’ll work out in the end, while staying practical with my feet bound tightly to the gravel. throughout the entire journey, from the start of the year, these things kept coming back to me as we worked together and i’m so glad that i’ve learnt so much and if we work together again, i swear i’ll be less of a confused, abrasive person, and i’ll consider things more rationally. and i’ll control my temper or something, yes.

i think we really pushed ourselves further this time, given that we worked within the span of a week, but we didn’t miss out on having our on crack moments – us acting stupid 24/7, rapping/singing/jamming to dope or lipsyncing to big bang halfway through our rehearsals, deciding to try to dance on a table and things like that. i feel like every single time we have such moments i learn something new about all of you and i get to know you guys better and it’s really heartwarming, really. i feel like we’ve grown into something like a family, and in all honesty, thanks to you guys i’ve grown more confident in my own skin as well and i’m still super thankful. (count the number of times i said thanks for a prize. jk.)

in short, thank you so much for being such a cute family, albeit filled with swag and power on stage. i think i’ve never enjoyed toiling away for a performance as much as i have for the past few rounds, and i never felt such a strong need to improve myself constantly and push myself forth like i have recently – therefore, once again for the thousandth time, thank you so much.

gained three times three – nine minutes of stage-time in total, but above all, a deeper understanding of all of you guys, stronger friendships and something to be really proud of.

and of course, a drained mind, tired limbs, and a strong need for sleep.