man & the moon.

by ty

from young, he remembers being fed the concept that everyone you meet and have relations with are individuals whom you’ve probably met in your past lives, appearing in this new chance for a reason – be it someone who owed you too much, or the converse situation. and perhaps, the fact that your presence carries weight amidst the cacophony of sweaty palms and hitched breaths means that the debts have yet to be paid. the nicer one in the friendship is usually the debtor, they say, and once they finish returning the debt, your friendship dissipates. because there’s nothing left to fall back on and that’s just how the universe works.

perhaps that’s why he always knew to reserve soft gestures and small smiles for the most minute of things, because good things come in trickles, not waves.

and the sooner you repay the other party, the sooner the game ends.