by ty

we are incapable of keeping silent,
our hands shifting out of reverse,
loose fixes and joints no longer reliant

on soft and hazy physical alignment.
your last breath punctures in reverse,
but we are incapable of keeping silent.

we lack the right imagination, fervent
prayers and lighting of incense,
calculations reversed to keep us silent.

then you drained nitric acid through fluorescent
makeshift altar candles dropwise,
reversing the tips into an alkaline solvent –

and the filmy layer of effervescent
steam gas air breath closed your eyes
to uncertainties left out of context all too frequent.

we are all but a queer heartful of gas and yet,
there will be no lapses between our hands
when pressed firmly together, reliant
and a little more capable of keeping silent.

SPWM;17 day four – write about something you’d say no to. first attempt at a villanelle, haven’t been very truthful to the structure but it’s something, hee. title from sleepy, hazy multivariable calculus lectures this morning.